A Bus Charter Can Help You Stay On Schedule On Your Wedding Day

Posted on: 7 April 2015

Your wedding day should be joyful and memorable. Don't let tardiness ruin your day. Tardiness is often a major point of stress for many couples. Starting the ceremony on time and making it to the reception venue on time are just a couple of the sources of stress. Running late and getting behind doesn't just prevent the day from flowing smoothly, but it also comes along with costly repercussions. Familiarizing yourself with these consequences and services that can help you stay on schedule is a good idea.

The Consequences Of Being Late To The Venue

Most venues require you to sign a contract to rent a space. These contracts include a wealth of information, including clear instruction on the time-frame in which you have access to the venue. When running behind you run the risk of violating your contract. For example, say your ceremony site was reserved for a one hour period. Based on your order of events, your ceremony will last about 40 minutes.

If a member of your bridal party is 20 minutes late this prevents the ceremony from starting. Given this scenario, you will either go over your reserved time or you will be forced to cut your ceremony short. Going over your reserved time-slot may require you to pay extra cost you hadn't budgeted in. If you aren't able to follow your ceremony schedule as planned to save time this can be devastating. Hiring a transportation service that can help ensure everyone is on time is how you avoid either scenario.

The Help You Need

An easy way to avoid schedule conflicts is to hire a bus charter service for your wedding party's travel needs. Charter bus drivers are transportation professionals that understand how to navigate weather and traffic conditions with ease. As a professional driver, they are often familiar with alternative routes to bypass any obstructions and ensure you arrive at each location on schedule.

Additionally, instead of worrying about one of your party members being stuck in traffic or even lost, with a charter service you have the peace of mind that everyone is together. A charter can help ensure everyone arrives at the dressing site, ceremony location, photo session and reception with as few hiccups as possible, ensuring you stay on schedule and putting your mind at ease.

A bus charter from a company like Rochester Shuttle Express can help take some of the stress off you and your significant other on your special day, so that you can enjoy it.