• 3 Reasons Why Contractors Should Own A Dump Truck

    If you are a contractor working in the construction industry, you're likely already familiar with the importance of having a huge variety of tools at your disposal. Some of those tools might be small, handheld ones that are easily purchased at a local hardware store, while others qualify as larger, industrial pieces of equipment made for special-use cases. While dump trucks certainly fall into the latter category, they are just as essential for many contractors as hammers and nails.
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  • Blanket Permits: How Can You Move Nondivisable Overweight Loads Safely?

    If you need to move heavy cargo across your state that can't be separated into smaller loads without damaging or devaluing the goods, obtain a blanket permit fast. A blanket permit allows you to transport overweight or oversized loads safely and legally throughout the year. Learn more about blanket permits and how you can obtain your permit below. What's a Blanket Permit? Blanket permits allow you to transport oversized or overweight cargo in or outside your state.
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