How To Save Money When Getting Taxis In Europe

Posted on: 7 April 2015

When you travel to Europe, you will often discover that some of the rules for taking a taxi might be different than in your home country. But most taxi drivers are legitimate and there are also often laws in place designed to protect you from being ripped off. By understanding how pricing works for a taxi cab in Europe, you will be able to stretch your travel dollars as far as possible.

Find a Taxi from a Prominent Company

When getting into a taxi in a foreign country, it is best to flag down a taxi that has a prominent logo displayed on it and that has a phone number. This is more likely to be a legitimate taxi company. The advantage of working with a legitimate company is you can contact them if you believe that the cab driver is suspicious.

Know How Pricing Works

In most European countries, as soon as the taxi is called, the meter often starts running. However, there are some cab drivers that take an upfront rate. Make sure that it is clear how you are being charged and that you agree with the charges before you begin your trip. Usually, it is better to use the meter unless you are certain that the upfront price will be cheaper.

One of the advantages of the meter is that in many cities, taxis have meters that cannot be tampered with. Also, most countries have a fare system in place that limits how much the taxi driver is able to charge for a fare. Even if there is no meter, there is usually a specific price governments require taxi cabs to charge. Make sure that you research this fare beforehand so you can avoid paying a higher one. The bet places to ask are official information booths at the airport and staff members at your hotel.

Learn About Extra Charges

The taxi rates are variable. For example, nighttime and weekend trips are more expensive than other times. If you are traveling to an airport, the rates are usually higher. Also, you may have to pay an additional charge for luggage. These are usually standard extra fees that are consistent throughout the entire city. If you can travel earlier in the day,  you'll save money.

Understand How Taxi Drivers Chart Their Routes

Many travelers believe they are being scammed when the taxi driver seems to take a longer route than necessary to get to a destination. However, the routes that seem longer are often the fastest because certain zones can significantly slow down the taxi. For more information, talk to a professional like Yellow Cab.