Traveling In Style: 5 Tips For Using An Airport Limousine Service

Posted on: 28 May 2015

Whether traveling for work or pleasure, a limousine service is a fabulous way to arrive at your destination. A limousine provides you with sufficient space and comfort. It also offers passersby's some mystery, as they wonder who is inside.

If you are thinking about booking an airport limousine service, use these five tips to ensure you arrive in style:  

1. Provide Your Cellular Number

Delays and accidents can happen at a moment's notice—on both your end and the drivers. If you want to ensure your arrival is stress free, make sure you provide the limousine service with your cell phone number. This way you can be notified of any changes, delays, or possible complications as they arise. Just make sure you turn your phone on as soon as you land so that you can check for any messages or receive a phone call if something comes up.

2. Know Where to Meet Your Driver

The movies might show limousine drivers waiting at the gate, but it's not how real life works. In most cases, you will meet your driver at the baggage claim, especially after new restrictions in airports. If this doesn't work for you, make sure you inform the airline and the limousine service.

If you are in a hurry, you can arrange to meet your driver at the curb. Known as curbside pick-ups, this service is a little quicker because you do not have to find and meet the driver at the baggage check.

3. Provide Stop Information

If you plan to have the limousine stop by several places, make sure you tell the company ahead of time. Provide a list of places you need to go, along with addresses and phone numbers. This will give the driver sufficient time to locate those places and find the best routes. It will also save time explaining things to the driver.

4. Schedule and Leave Early

Airports are usually very busy, especially those in cities, such as the Los Angeles International Airport—or LAX. If you know you will be traveling in a busy city, make sure you leave in your LAX limo early. You need to have sufficient time to gather your belongings, tag things, and make it through security.

Likewise, schedule your pick-up a little earlier than anticipated. The airplane might arrive early and you could save quite a bit of time by leaving a little earlier, especially if you manage to avoid rush hours.

5. Have Your Confirmation Number Handy

Finally, make sure you write down your confirmation number and keep it on you. You never know what might happen, and a confirmation number will ensure that any accidents, such as a missing limousine, are handled quickly.

An airport limousine service is a nice way to travel. It's comfortable, stylish, and allows you to get to your destination without actually driving. If you are interested in booking this service or learning more about it, contact a limousine service .