Let A Freight Broker Help You

Posted on: 3 June 2015

If you need to get a large shipment from your location to a recipient that is halfway around the world, it isn't as easy as calling the local parcel delivery service and having them come pick it up and deliver it. Getting your shipment where it needs to go can often take several steps and involve many companies. That can be hard for you to try to keep track of yourself, especially if you are trying to manage your business at the same time. In that case, what you need to do is to work with a freight broker. 

What Is a Freight Broker?

A freight broker is basically a go between. They don't work for you or for any shipping company. However, they do work with you and the shipping companies. 

What Does a Freight Broker Do?

The way that a freight broker works is that they take your information, such as what you are shipping, where it's going, and when it needs to be there, and find a shipping company that meets your needs. Among other things, they will look to find a company that fits within your budget and within your shipping timeframe. If it's going to take more than one company to get your shipment where it needs to go, the broker will make sure that they are all set up to be working together. The broker may also help you break up your shipment among various shipping companies if that will help get your shipment where it needs to go faster. 

Why Use a Freight Broker?

Using a freight broker is actually a win/win for everyone. You are dealing with someone who is familiar with the shipping business and who knows which companies are reliable. They will be able to get you a better deal than you would be able to get yourself. They may also be able to creatively route your shipment in a way that would be quicker. For a shipping company, it's a win because they have someone who is going to give them cargo to fill their ships, planes, and trucks. 

If you want to stay in business, you have to make sure that your shipments get where they need to be, and are there on time. The easiest way to do that is to have a professional like a trained and licensed freight broker who can make all the arrangements for you. For information on freight broker training, click here.