Friends Visiting Your City For The First Time? Tips For Showing Them Around In Style

Posted on: 24 August 2016

If you live in a big city, there are likely a lot of things to see. If you have friends that have never been to the city you live in and they are coming for a visit, you need to show them around. Because you live in a city, driving your own car may not be feasible. This is because it may take you a long time to get to each place, especially when you figure in finding a parking space. Instead of taking a cab, which would be very expensive, or the local bus, below are some tips on how you can show them around in style.


Hire a professional limousine service to take you and your friends around. Ask the limousine to pick you up at your house. Ask the service if the limo driver can walk up to your door, knock, and then hold the doors of the limo open as your guests enter. Do not tell your friends about this so they can be surprised.

Talk with the limousine service before you hire them. You need to know if the limo driver will sit and wait for you as you go to each site. You will likely have to pay extra money for this, however.

Party Bus

A party bus is another choice you have that's a fun way to travel around the city. A conventional bus is turned into the party bus and designed to carry people around for recreational purposes. Licensed chauffeurs usually drive the bus.

You and your friends can have drinks served to you on the bus, if you prefer. There are many amenities the party bus company may offer, including sound systems, disco lights, strobe lights, fog machines, mirrored windows, luxury seats, and laser lights. You may find bathrooms on the bus that are handicap-accessible, powered doors, and televisions. What amenities you will receive depends on the company you hire.

Get everything together that you want to serve to your friends, such as the drinks and food if the party bus company does not offer this. Get together a music list that you know your friends would like to listen to as you travel around, and put the music on an MP3 player. The party bus should have a port that you can connect the MP3 player to.

No matter if you choose a limousine service or a party bus, your friends will have a great time visiting your city.