When You Want To Sculpt Like Michelangelo, But Your Stone And Clay Deliveries Are Too Small

Posted on: 13 November 2019

There is little more frustrating to a sculptor than not being able to get a large enough piece of clay or marble from which to create a masterpiece. Imagine Michelangelo's frustration at how long it took to get a big enough piece of marble to chisel out his David. At least there are cars, trucks, trains, and such that can deliver materials faster. However, if you are still frustrated with trying to get a big enough piece of anything delivered to your studio, here are some unusual solutions that might help. 

Dump Truck

It makes the perfect sense, right? You see these trucks carrying around massive loads of rock from quarries all the time. You may have even seen them carry giant lumps of red clay that were pulled from the bowels of the earth in the most perfect, malleable lump. Find a company that offers dump truck services to haul anything you want, anywhere you want. Then you should have no problem securing and transporting your giant lump of clay or your huge piece of marble or stone. 

Flatbed Trucking

Some of the world's most recognizable memorials made from marble or granite are comprised of one massively large piece of stone. The artists that worked on these memorials were fortunate enough to find flatbed trucking services that could carry these huge pieces of stone over the ground and into their workshops. You may need to call on a company with a rental crane and crane operator to remove whatever it is you requested hauled on the flatbed, but it is worth it to not have to chop up a big piece of stone or clay to get a complete and unbroken piece delivered. 


Hopefully, you will never have to use a helicopter to get your stone, marble, or clay delivered. It is the most expensive means of delivery, and not one that is conducive to the soft properties of clay or the dense properties of stone. Still, if you live in the remotest part of Alaska, and you absolutely have to have a large bit of material delivered there for your next project, a helicopter delivery service could do it. 

Your Best Option Is the Dump Truck

Bar none, your best option is the dump truck for most of your material supply deliveries. It is the least expensive option, and your materials can be protected with a tarp. Consider the dump truck first for your next grand-scale artwork.