5 Reasons To Charter A Vehicle For Pandemic-Era Travel

Posted on: 11 June 2020

Are you itching to get back to traveling after being stuck at home for much of the first half of 2020? Many feel the same, but it can be hard to feel comfortable traveling on familiar forms of transportation. That's why this year might be the perfect opportunity to try chartering a large vehicle instead. Why is this the perfect 2020 option? Here are five of the best reasons.

1. You Control Who's Invited.

If you travel by commercial bus, train, or airplane, you have no control over who's sharing your space. If you're not ready to be packed into a plane with 100+ strangers whose actions, to protect against accidental transmission of the Covid-19 virus, consider hiring a private charter to travel only with those you know and trust.

2. You Control the Cleanliness.

Surface contamination is a big concern when trying to protect yourself and others from the coronavirus. And when you're on a big commercial transport vehicle like a plane or train, you have no idea how clean things really are or when anything was last sanitized. On the other hand, a charter vehicle can be cleaned first by the rental company and then again under your own supervision.

3. You Control the Size.

Charter vehicles come in many shapes and sizes. Normally, a renter would choose the one that fits their group size most perfectly. But in the pandemic age, this flexibility gives you the chance to promote social distancing by renting a bus or mini-bus that's larger than you actually need. 

4. You Control the Destinations.

Big, crowded tourist sites could be a dangerous place to visit these days, so many travelers are looking for places that are less popular and more off the beaten path for tourism. But travelers who book tours or transportation with large companies will have to go wherever the tour company decides. You can choose the itinerary and keep it safer when you control the form of transit. 

5. You Control the Etiquette.

The environment isn't the only concern when traveling with others. You also have no control over whether or not the strangers next to you follow good sanitation and hygiene protocols, whether or not sanitizer is provided, and whether or not people wear masks. Because your private charter is limited to friends and family, your group can decide together on the right pandemic etiquette during the trip. 

The ability to control the environment, the people with whom you travel, and the places you go make chartering private vehicles the ideal summer plan for the Covid-19 era. Want to learn more? Make an appointment with a charter transportation service in your area today.