Blanket Permits: How Can You Move Nondivisable Overweight Loads Safely?

Posted on: 29 January 2021

If you need to move heavy cargo across your state that can't be separated into smaller loads without damaging or devaluing the goods, obtain a blanket permit fast. A blanket permit allows you to transport overweight or oversized loads safely and legally throughout the year. Learn more about blanket permits and how you can obtain your permit below.

What's a Blanket Permit?

Blanket permits allow you to transport oversized or overweight cargo in or outside your state. The permits cover nondivisable loads, which are loads you can't separate or take apart safely. The loads may lose value or sustain damage if you do so.

Blanket permits also cover the vehicles that transport cargo. The vehicles may fall below their weight limits, experience mechanical problems, or become unbalanced if you compromise them in some way.

Blanket permits cover a wide range of transports and vehicles, including trucks with low beds, farm equipment, and concrete pumping trucks. Well drilling rigs, construction booms, and utility trucks may also be some of the vehicles blanket permits cover.

If you own or operate any of the vehicles above and need to carry oversized or overweight cargo regularly, obtain a blanket permit soon.

How Do You Obtain Your Blanket Permit?

You can obtain your blanket permit from your state or from an overweight or oversized permit provider. You'll need to have several things on hand when you apply for your permit, including the:

  • registration to your truck or vehicle
  • weight, width, height, and length of your truck and vehicle
  • expected loads or items you plan to transport

The combined weight of your truck and cargo may not exceed the limits set by state and federal laws without the right permit. The information above can help a provider determine the type of blanket permit you need for your nondivisable cargo.

For example, if you only plan to carry oversized cargo that won't add extra weight to your truck, you may need an oversized blanket permit to stay within state and federal requirements. If you plan to carry oversized loads that may cause your vehicle to exceed its weight limits regularly, you may need an overweight and oversized blanket permit instead.

You may need to provide additional paperwork or information to a provider before you receive your permit. You may wish to contact a provider by phone or email before you apply for your permit.

To learn more about blanket permits and other overweight or oversized permits, call a provider today.