3 Reasons Why Contractors Should Own A Dump Truck

Posted on: 5 May 2021

If you are a contractor working in the construction industry, you're likely already familiar with the importance of having a huge variety of tools at your disposal. Some of those tools might be small, handheld ones that are easily purchased at a local hardware store, while others qualify as larger, industrial pieces of equipment made for special-use cases. While dump trucks certainly fall into the latter category, they are just as essential for many contractors as hammers and nails. Take a look below at three reasons why every contractor working on large scale sites should seriously consider purchasing a dump truck. 


On the list of things that take up the most time during a contracted long term project, moving heavy materials from one location to another is at, or at least near, the very top. While there are ways to accomplish material transportation without a dump truck, none are as easy or as efficient. In turn, this means that although dump trucks represent a significant investment for a contractor, they pay for themselves in the time and money saved in the long run. 


While versatility might not be the most obvious benefit of dump trucks, you may be surprised to find just how versatile many dump trucks can be. Flatbed trucks, of course, sacrifice versatility for sheer the volume and weight of material they are able to carry, but many dump trucks feature double or even triple axles that make the truck a much more versatile vehicle to have in the field. Trucks with extra axles are more than capable of navigating varying and difficult terrain, and as such are some of the most popular types of dump trucks available to lease or buy.


Without a dump truck, you may find that the demands of your project are overwhelming. You may feel compelled to lease or purchase a huge fleet of smaller trucks instead. The problem with this plan is that regular trucks — even those designed for a heavy workload on a construction site — are not nearly as durable as a dump truck. You will likely find yourself looking to replace a fleet of trucks after just a few years of difficult projects. While a dump truck may carry its own set of restrictions (driving on surface streets or highways, for example), they will almost certainly last far longer at a construction site than an ordinary truck would under the same circumstances.

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